Richlite Eco-Friendly Surfacing

Made from recycled paper-based content


Go Green with Richlite!

A 100% sustainable paper-based fiber composite surface.

Environmental sustainability and durability give Richlite surfacing a mark of distinction in the architectural community. It’s a versatile product with characteristics that complement rugged to refined designs from residential homes and urban centers to commercial establishments and architectural applications.

Richlite is stain, water, scratch and heat resistant making it a versatile product for kitchens, baths, commercial reception areas, stair treads, exterior wall cladding, cutting surfaces, guitar parts, outdoor furniture, signage, luxury ping pong tables….it never ends. And Richlite lasts a lifetime.

Is it really paper?

Yes it is. It starts out as pulp, is turned into paper and then transformed into a dense, durable, attractive material that can be tooled like wood and used for nearly any commercial or residential surface or design accents from sink basins to exterior wall cladding.


Color is added during the paper making process to ensure consistent and solid color throughout. The resin used in the manufacturing process darkens the color giving it deep, rich tones that run through the thickness of each sheet. Richlite patina’s over time, growing warmer and deeper in color as a result of sunlight and oxygen. Richlite doesn’t degrade nor does it give off any VOC’s.


Fibers can come from a variety of sources; virgin wood fibers, post consumer waste, recycled blue jeans, coffee chaff, burlap bags, banana peels, etc.

Working with Richlite

Designers and fabricators enjoy working with the material because the color is consistent throughout – even with machined edges. Richlite can be milled easily, like wood, but is much more dense, durable and long lasting.

Richlite manufactures with both Rapidly Renewable FSC Certified paper and recycled paper fibers. Richlite has an inherently natural feel with a mottled pattern. The finish out of the mill is similar to leather but when sanded it can be incredibly smooth and silky.

VIDEO: Learn more about Richlite