Recycled Glass Surfacing



Introducing a brilliant new concept in surfaces.
Flecked with jewels of color in a dense, durable substrate, GEOS  Recycled Glass Surfaces blends recycled glass into a unique surface of superior strength and remarkable beauty. Offered in a wide range of evocative colors, GEOS makes a striking visual statement and is a rare find among environmentally-conscious products – it’s both earth-friendly and affordable.

GEOS Recycled Glass Surfaces for your home.
If you’re looking for an environmentally friendly countertop with a sophisticated color pallet, look no further than GEOS Recycled Glass Surfaces. GEOS is a new environmentally friendly countertop material made from recycled glass and a proven proprietary binder that ensures a strong and durable countertop that does not require sealing. The unique combination of colors make for an amazing array of colors that will set any kitchen or bar top apart.


Where does the glass come from?
Much of the glass in GEOS is acquired from recycling centers or directly from factory by-product and post-consumer sources. With a carefully chosen mixture of both post-consumer and industrial glass, GEOS Recycled Glass Surfaces gives new life to a discarded resource.

Combined with superior and proven binders, the resulting fusion of strength and beauty takes very little from the planet, and gives back an enduring product rich with colorful organic texture. Performing just like an engineered stone such as quartz, GEOS Recycled Glass Surfaces are a unique, non-porous surface of exceptional strength and remarkable beauty. No staining, no sealing, no waxing, no glass pop outs and no cement.

Recycled glass finds new life in GEOS, much of it from post-consumer or industrial waste sources. Engineered for superior strength and long-lasting durability, GEOS has the potential for years and years of use – an indefinite life-cycle that promises less waste destined for landfills. GEOS is a low VOC product emitting no harmful compounds.

GEOS is a stable substrate that’s easy to fabricate making it reliable through cutting, handling and installation. Because the production of GEOS involves computer-controlled dispensing of materials and glass particulates within the substrate, patterns are consistent in distribution of size and color, making finished installations beautiful without color and pattern variations. GEOS is available in 3cm and 2cm depths for ease of fabrication.

GEOS is designed to combine high visual impact with a feature that is rare among environmentally-responsible products – affordability. GEOS requires little to maintain its durable, scratch, stain and heat-resistant beauty. Just clean with mild soap and warm water.

GEOS carries a 15-year Limited Warranty (see more about warranty info on:

Total LEED credits that GEOS Recycled Glass Surfaces can obtain on a project: 4