CURAVA Recycled Glass Surfacing

Natural. Green. Clean.


CURAVA is one of the most eco-friendly surfaces on the market today and comprises 100% recycled glass fragments within a resin binder. CURAVA is stain, scratch and heat resistant. It stands up extremely well to hot pots and pans and is a snap to clean up. Because CURAVA is non porous, it’s also very sanitary. With simple clean-up using mild soap and warm water, even the hardest working CURAVA countertops will stay beautiful for years.

The focus at CURAVA is to offer products with even more recyclable materials that can be transformed into a hygiene-friendly substrate with minimal maintenance, outstanding durability and stain resistance. Most importantly, the goal is to offer an affordable product that can benefit the widest range of users, yet satisfy the needs of eco-conscious residential and commercial customers.


15-year. Fully transferable and assignable. If the original buyer of the countertop sells their home, the new homeowner is covered by the warranty.


NSF tested and certified. VOC emissions passed.


Where does the glass come from?

100% of the glass used in CURAVA is recycled. The glass is collected from landfills and other sources from post-consumer and post-industrial waste that includes discarded glass bottles and window and windshield glass.

CURAVA is dedicated to environmental conservation. By removing discarded glass from our environment we can protect our natural world and ensure a greener future.

Broken_Beer_BottleCURAVA compared to other recycled glass surface products

Other recycled glass surfacing products use cement as a binder; CURAVA consists of a resin binder allowing it to be stronger, stain resistant and hygiene-friendly with no need for surface sealers or waxes.

A cement-based binder requires periodic sealing and is subject to staining and acidic etching without proper care. In addition, other recycled glass surfaces can contain only small particulates compared to CURAVA with varying-sized glass fragments.