ColorQuartz Quartz Surfaces

Total durability with stylish and trendy colors


ColorQuartz is a modern collection of stylish, cool and trendy colors for interior surface applications. Since its introduction into the market, ColorQuartz has been specified and installed successfully in many projects for residential and commercial customers.

Made with quartz – one of nature’s hardest minerals – and through revolutionary technology, ColorQuartz is a modern, natural and ‘green’ surface material. ColorQuartz products are non-porous, stain resistant and practically maintenance free.

ColorQuartz Stone is an extremely hard, durable, non-porous and nonabsorbent material. Leading the movement towards cleaner, safer surfacing materials, ColorQuartz Stone is elegant, practical and a safe choice for kitchen countertops and throughout your home.

Enjoy superior color and design selection, product versatility, maximum strength and durability, along with unmatched endurance.  These characteristics of ColorQuartz provide unlimited interior application possibilities such as: countertops, wet bars, vanities, tub and shower surrounds, furniture tops, floors and more.