Avonite Solid Surfaces

Inspired by glass, metals and natural materials


Avonite is another innovative product from Rocksolid Stone Works that provides a distinct design treatment. Inspired by glass, concrete, precious metals and other natural materials, Avonite is a favorite surface for hotels, resorts, eateries/restaurants, patron establishments and unique corporate environments.

Avonite is characterized by special color vibrancy, and therefore may also be used in special and unique design applications including residential applications for a distinct design treatment.

From the depth of Avonite’s glass collection to the brilliant sparkle of metallic’s, there’s a reason designers turn to Avonite again and again to make their projects stand out in the crowd. Far beyond the traditional countertop surface, fabricators and designers know they can depend on Avonite’s creative solutions to deliver a wealth of design and fabrication options that can make your project sizzle.

Rocksolid Stone Works is all about design and innovation, and the use of Avonite Surfaces provide yet another innovative color palette. To learn more about our solid surface fabrication please visit: SolidSurfacesPlus.com.